• Our Culture

    Established in 2017, Strey is a Mumbai based streetwear fashion label that is inspired by the exciting chaos of the city. Our perspective on fashion is to go against the go against culture norms and breakthrough the conformity by forming a conformity by forming a "counter culture".

    Our designs are inspired by our city and the small details around us that can go unnoticed on a daily basis. With heavy graphics and complex embroideries, our bold designs have an unique edge and a rebellious vibe.

  • Our Culture

    “This is CounterCulture” is the brands motto and it portrays our beliefs to create a sub culture where values and norms differ substantially from our mainstream society. We believe in change and expression and all the forms it can take.

    Strey has a passion for animals and will be collaborating with various animal welfare charities across the city. A percentage of the profits will be donated to aid homeless animals because our goal is to see all stray animals safe and healthy.